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Prior to accessing the application, watch the video presentation to help you get started with the compound registration process. Link to the videovideo 

If you log in with your default password, you would be prompted to change password screen to update the password. Once the password is updated, system would logout or exit. Re-login with user name and new password to register compounds. Note: NINDS ETSP team will not be able to retrieve lost/forget password.

If user is inactive ( not accessed the system) for more than 120 days than the user account is locked. Please contact NINDS ETSP IT administrator to get user account unlocked.

After successful login, you have an option to choose either register compounds or view approved test reports for submitted compounds. To register compounds as resupply, compounds with prior assigned ETSP (ASP) numbers will be required for submission purposes.

When logging in to the ETSP compound registration web application there will now be a “Test Report” as new tab option. When “Test Report” is selected, all registered compounds will be displayed. You then have the option to select an individual compound folder and view or print the desired report(s). All POC(s) will receive system generated email notifications when new test report(s) become available.

Compound registration process is a sequential procedure where each step will need to be completed in order to move to the next step. Data is saved on each registration step. There is a 30 minute time out on each registration step. In case of application timed out, re-login to the application and you should see a row under Rejected / Saved compound submission to the right of the New / Resupply compound selection.

Compound Registration Step NINDS ETSP Review Process

Once you have shipped the compound, please login to the application to provide the tracking number along with Shipment date and Shipment vendor’s name. This could be done by selecting your name which is left to Sign off and Shipment Data. Receiving lab would be notified to expected compound arrival date and to track the shipment if required.