Site Requirements - Web Browser Requirements

The website is best viewed with a minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, using Google Chrome 46 or higher or Microsoft Edge 80 or higher and Firefox 7.0 or higher. Support for browsers is determined by statistics from our user community and is reviewed from time to time. We offer support for browsers at the following levels:

Full Support: We test the system thoroughly on these platforms to make sure all functionality works. Issues on these platforms are supported entirely. Problems on these browsers will be treated with priority and be resolved as speedily as possible.

No Support: We do not test on these platforms. The application may work but we cannot guarantee that. We will consider issues on these platforms on a ad-hoc basis but cannot guarantee resolution.

Full Support

  • Firefox 7+ on Widows
  • GoogleChrome 46+ on Widows
  • Microsoft Edge 80+ on Windows

No Support

  • IE 11 or below
  • Any other browser not mentioned above
  • All browsers on non-windows operating systems
  • All browsers on mobile devices